We at BeadsNFashion are proud of having passionately built India's one-stop jewelry destination - an all about Jewellery  marketplace for all the men and women who love jewelry! Although BeadsNFashion was founded in Aug 2013, we've been involved in this industry for decades prior to that. And we have seen the market evolve from individual designers sourcing locally, working in small shops, and selling locally, to the advent of the online stores. We have also encountered first-hand, the travails of small-time suppliers affected by globalization which manifests in the prices of the materials and its availability.
So, we embarked on this journey of building a marketplace to give the opportunities of the world to those small-time jewelry craftsmen and craftswomen trying to gain better market access, to hobbyists looking to channelize their creativity, to ambitious designers baring their bold art, to entrepreneurs who want to build a business in jewelry, and to those who are just exploring a new opportunity. We built an environment where everybody is welcome to buy and sell their creations, browse the latest designs and get connected to those who are trending. We are committed to giving customers all they want – vast selection, competitive prices, fast and reliable delivery, and a safe and secure online ordering experience.
We aim to give our visitors the widest variety of jewelry - be it for fashion, ethnic, daily-wear, office/corporate or a genre that nobody has even thought about! You will come face-to-face with some of the trendiest designs, innovative uses of colour, beads and other material while being able to compare designs, prices and delivery times to suit whatever you want to do. All in all, you can rest assured of one thing - that you will find the latest and greatest out here with over 8000  products and growing! We are committed to ensuring a complete customer protection for your shopping done on so that you benefit from convenient payment options such as cash on delivery,  easy returns and enjoy a completely hassle-free online shopping experience. And finally, we are committed to providing sellers a high quality, hassle free e-commerce platform.