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Creating Jewellery in the Karigar way

Gone are the days when wearing jewellery was restricted to weddings and social occasions! Suitable jewellery for every occasion is the need of the hour for Indian women. And hence, emerging jewellery designers have a bigger challenge and an exciting career ahead.

Handcrafted jewellery designers today need to have diversity in their designs. Hence, they need to keep track of the latest products in the market and be the first to launch their collection. They need to look out for the detailing in jewellery to stand out from the market designs. Having a story to their jewellery adds additional value too. They need to believe in their inspiration behind the creations, so they can repeat them over and over again. And this is the success mantra to capture their customer’s attention and loyalty.

At Beadsnfashion, we recognize these trends and needs. Our mission is to support jewellery designers with all the materials and knowledge. In this regard, we at Beadsnfashion are launching our new program where we bring the best quality and handpicked beads and jewellery components from across India.
We will also connect you with the traditional methods and the “correct” way of creating the jewellery. We will help you create your jewellery “the Karigar way”. (#thekarigarway).

We will be showcasing 1 jewellery design per week, along with all the materials needed to create the jewellery piece, their importance, alternative options of material and the jewellery creation techniques.

So stay tuned and watch out for the jewellery designs every week on our Facebook page

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