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Meeting with the Jewellery Designer


 Gumption by Shital and Shamal

Let me share my story on how I met Shamal.

One fine day, Shamal and I met for the advanced Jewellery workshop. And I started my class routine and spent the next 1 hour talking about the various wire jewellery and bead-weaving designs we would be learning in the class. When I finally finished my initial introduction (which always lasted longer than it should, since there is no stopping when I talk about my passion :) ), Shamal very humbly asked me if she could show me any of the designs she had tried by herself.

And what came next totally blew my mind!

Shamal had made jewellery designs with the Russian spiral technique, CRAW, threadwork finished jewellery, handmade thread balls used in her designs, multi-strand necklaces, seed bead necklaces and the list goes on!

And I was wondering, what was I to teach this young lady who has already created designs equivalent to professional jewellery! ?  So, you know what happened next? We both had a good laugh and from then on we have been engaged with each other for different types of finishing techniques, support and advice for material, the latest material in the market, trending designs and also the most important topic of establishing our own design differentiation!

Shamal has been creating beautiful jewellery for a long time, even before I met her. She is very passionate and dedicated to her jewellery creations and designs. She is a very approachable and easy-to-get-along designer who is ever ready to create something beautiful on the go.

Gumption Jewellery by Shital and Shamal - is her very own jewellery brand where you can find her entire range of Jewellery designs. You can always reach out to her
for custom designs as well.

Hence, we at the Beading table, have handpicked Shamal to be our Designer of the week!


Here's an excerpt from the interview I had with Shamal:

1)What techniques do you use in your designs?

-we are uncovering traditional ethnic Indian techniques which are vanishing in this modern age.

-Apart from that bead weaving technique.

2)How long does it take to create 1 order?

-It varies to order based on the combination. But generally, it takes 4 to 10 days.

3)How often do you create new collections?

-Innovation is the essence of our customization.

-New creation is an ongoing process. Overall 10 to12 new designs per month.

4)What is the most difficult part of your jewellery creations?

Virtually aligning

-customer imagination

-our innovation

-final product

Finishing of product.

5) Can you name any 5 favorites materials you like to work with?

-Rudraksha designs, anchor threads,

-temple pendants, traditional pendants,

-strands of seed beads.

Hope this article was an inspiration for a whole lot of beaders out there.

Wishing Shamal great success in her beading career!

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