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Tip of the Week


Jewellery designing is an important and essential part of Jewellery making. A Jewellery design comprises of

  1. The style of the necklace you want to create.

  2. The colors & combinations of the beads you have chosen

  3. The technique you want to use to make it (which in turn decides on the look)

  4. The size of the jewellery piece

For example: While designing a necklace, you should plan for all the beads of the necklace including the spacer beads and pendants (if any). The details of how the necklace will be made should be considered. Hence plan for the stringing materials and the findings too.

By following this process, you will always have a piece of complete planned jewellery, which is a pleasure to make. You will always lose more time, effort and interest to make jewellery which is poorly planned.

Try this and drop a note to me if it worked!

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