Wholesale Offers Wholesale Offers

If you are

  • Social Media reseller or have Online Store.
  • Importer/manufacturer of Crafts Products, Fashion Jewellery or DIY KITS.
  • Are Fashion Institutes and looking for Fashion Supplies for your classes
  • Jewellery Training Institutes looking for Materials / Beading Tools.


We got solutions for you.

We offer Discounts for Wholesale Purchase-


  10,000-14,999 10%
  15,000-24,999 15%
  25,000-50,000 20%
  Above 50,000 25%










NOTE - We Issue GST Invoice For All Sales.

For Jewellery check https://wholesale.beadsnfashion.com 


We are vendors to  


BeadsnFashion.com is an online store catering to Designers and End consumers.

Remember to check our wholesale website for Jewellery materials www.jaunty-india.com . The products displayed on Jaunty-India.com are manufactured as per order and ARE not READILY available in stock

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