12 Important Jewellery Making tools that every Jewellery artist needs


Do you plan to make necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other Jewellery pieces? yes, so I suggest, it's a nice decision. Jewellery Making is a great way to tap into your creative side and come out with your ideas along with having something cool and original to wear.

Before you start planning your first jewellery and spend a lot of money on expensive and non-useful jewellery making tools, Have a look at the below list, where experts have shared essential jewellery making tools list that helps you to make your jewellery with a professional finish.

1. Flat Round Plier

jewellery making Stainless Steel Wire Bending Flat Round Plier

A flat nose plier is an essential jewellery making tool, with a flat nose plier, you can make beading jewellery and more types of fashion jewellery. It helps you to open jump rings, finish wire-wrapped ends, and complete a multitude of other tasks you’ve yet to imagine.

2. Round Nose Plier

Stainless Steel Round Nose Plier

It’s also one of the important tools from the jewellery making tools kit. A round nose plier helps in making wire loops and hoops, bends, clasps and jump rings.

3. Nylon Jaw Plier

Stainless Steel Nylon Jaw Plier

Nylon Jaw Plier is a perfect tool for working with wire as its jaws are padded with solid pads of nylon. Which are designed for shaping and wrapping, these pliers are also an essential tool for jewellery artists.

4. Wire bending plier

Stainless Steel Wire Bending Plier

Wire bending pliers are one of the best tools, It’s used for working on small wires and forming springs mainly when you work with wire wrap jewellery pcs. The tapered beaks make it easy to bend small diameter loops.

5. Side cutter

Stainless Steel Side Cutter Plier for making jewellery

When we were talking about important Jewellery making tools,  we can not ever miss Side cutter Pliers. These tools are used for cutting soft wires, threads or metal sheets. Side cutters have sharp jaws.

6. Crimping plier

Stainless Steel Crimping Plier for jewellery making

A crimping plier is also one of the essential Jewellery making tools that helps you to create your imagination. Crimping pliers are used to crush a metal crimp onto the wire to hold a bead or clasp into place.

7. Chain Nose plier

Stainless Steel Chain Nose Plier for making jewellery

These Chain Nose pliers can be used while making any type of Jewellery making. It’s used for bending, holding, turning the wire and also opening and closing jump rings and crimping metal beads.

8. Bending round plier

Stainless Steel Wire Bending Round Plier for making jewellery

Many Jewellery artists find a good pair of bending pliers to be invaluable. Bending pliers are great for making crisp, sharp loops and bend in your Jewellery work.

9. Hollowing Plier

Stainless Steel Hollowing Round Plier for making jewellery

Hollowing pliers are also an essential tool and it also comes from the Jewellery making plier group, with these pliers, you can work into difficult spots with less hand-wrist fatigue. Hollowing pliers are intended for beading and other fine hobby work.

10. Bent Nose plier

Stainless Steel Bent Nose Plier for making jewellery

Bent Nose Pliers are very similar to chain nose pliers. It's used for wire wrapping and tucking the ends of the wire into beads.

11. Beading Board

Beading board for designing and planning of necklace

Beading board is an important tool for Jewellery artists. It helps to plan and design the layout of Jewellery before actually making it. Grooves of the beading board help you to experiment with color, design and length, you can change the layout of the beads and compare various prototypes before making the final jewellery necklace or bracelet. The scale around the board allows one to calculate the total length of a Jewellery piece providing the beads are placed tightly together, Length of any Necklace [ especially] is always a nightmare while designing what length suits and how would the beads setting look like in different lengths

12. Your Imagination

Your imagination and creativity is the biggest tool compared to any other Jewellery making tools. You have to work as per your imagination and soon you’ll notice that you make a beautiful piece of Jewellery.

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