50 Pcs Glass Kundan Beads Round 10mm Black - Black
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Kundan work bead is a type of decorative bead used in various forms of jewelry making. Kundan is a Hindi word meaning "cluster of flowers." The kundan work bead is usually made from glass, and its surface is often decorated with intricate designs. Kundan work beads are commonly used in necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Kundan work beads or pendants are famous for their intricate designs and bright colors. Kundan is a type of jewelry that is made with thin sheets of gold that are embossed and then set with gemstones. The word kundan means "pure gold" in Hindi. Kundan jewelry was first created in the royal courts of India and Pakistan. The craftsmanship and design of kundan jewelry is unique, and the pieces are often very ornate, These days Kundan Beads are made out of BRass instead of Gold in Fashion Jewelry

Kundan beads are available in a variety of styles to suit any taste. From traditional to contemporary, there is a kundan bead style for everyone. Kundan beads are typically made from glass The most popular kundan bead style is the round bead, but there are also many different shapes and sizes available like, oval, hexa, ractnalgur Kundan Kadi