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American Diamond Heart Designs Rose Gold Plated Adjustable Ring
American Diamond Heart Designs Rose Gold Plated Adjustable Ring. A timeless piece that can be dressed up or down, the American Diamond Heart Designs Rose Gold Plated Adjustable Ring is a simple yet fashionable piece of jewelry. This ring is...
Rs. 742.00 Rs. 342.00
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Perfect Valentine's Day Gift : Hug Ring
Handmade item Materials: Silver Adjustable Style: Minimalist Silver Love Hug Ring ??This stunning adjustable lightweight hug ring is crafted with 925 Sterling Silver (hallmarked). It pairs great with with other pieces or worn alone on the thumb.100% Hand Made With...
Rs. 789.00 Rs. 389.00
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Crystal Heart Silver Ring
Elegant and simple, this sterling silver ring is set with a stunningly clear, large round cut diamond. This ring will make a great accessory to your wardrobe and is sure to get noticed.
Rs. 749.00 Rs. 349.00
Crystal Heart Black Ring
Black is a symbol of eternity, eternal love, and beauty. Crystal Heart Black Ring is the perfect symbol of these values, especially for Valentine's Day. With a beautiful black heart that shines on the top of the ring, the ring...
Rs. 772.00 Rs. 372.00
Crystal Heart Silver Adjustable Ring
This sterling silver ring is adjustable to fit any size. It is created with a natural stone and it is guaranteed to last for many years. The ring is easy to clean and comes in a beautiful gift box.
Rs. 745.00 Rs. 345.00
American Diamond Silver Adjustable Ring
American Diamond Silver Adjustable Ring is a classic style ring with a beautiful polished diamond and silver band. The diamond is set in a silver band that has a high shine. It is a beautiful ring that can be worn...
Rs. 734.00 Rs. 334.00
Crown Silver Adjustable Ring
If you?re looking for a unique and sophisticated way to show off your style, the Crown Silver Adjustable Ring is for you. This ring features a brilliant silver-tone finish that?s textured and shiny. The adjustable ring band is perfect for...
Rs. 764.00 Rs. 364.00
American Diamond Heart Rose Gold Adjustable Ring
The American Diamond Heart silver Adjustable Ring is a timeless, adjustable ring with diamond accents. The silver heart design is adorned with smaller diamonds that make the ring sparkle. The adjustable band can be sized for a perfect fit. ?
Rs. 760.00 Rs. 360.00
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AD Star Adjustable Ring
A simple, adjustable ring made from polished and durable stainless steel. This silver ring features a smooth, rounded edge, so it can easily be worn with any outfit. It is a simple yet classic piece that can be worn every...
Rs. 760.00 Rs. 360.00
AD Adjustable Ring Rose Gold
The Adjustable Ring Rose Gold is a dainty and elegant piece of jewelry that is perfect for the modern woman. It has a unique design that allows the wearer to change the size of the ring to match their finger...
Rs. 750.00 Rs. 350.00
Butterfly Crystal Adjustable Ring
This stunning sterling silver ring is designed with the beautiful Butterfly pendant. It has a unique feature that you can adjust it in any of your finger. The ring is the perfect addition to your personal style. ?
Rs. 755.00 Rs. 355.00
AD Adjustable Star Ring Silver
The AD Adjustable Star Ring Silver is a silver ring with a SILVER star in the center and 3 more around it. The star can be adjusted to fit your finger. The ring is designed to be comfortable and sturdy....
Rs. 750.00 Rs. 350.00
Golden Half Butterfly Stone Studded Ring
This golden half butterfly stone studded ring is a beautiful piece of jewelry that will fit any woman's hand. This ring is set with two round butterfly stones that are set with sparkling rhinestones and gold. This ring is the...
Rs. 685.00 Rs. 285.00
Gold Plated Butterfly Stone Studded Ring
Add a touch of elegance to your day with this Gold Plated Butterfly Stone Studded Ring. This gorgeous ring is adorned with the glistening Gold Plated stones, adding a touch of elegance to your day. The smooth, sparkling, and glimmering...
Rs. 695.00 Rs. 295.00
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