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Frequently Asked Questions

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It just makes our life easy and lets us go with the trend. If you have any necklace or bracelet at home gifted or bought randomly now it does not fit you then here comes the chain extender that gives your jewelry extra inches so that you can pair or reuse them with a different dress.

This process of giving your jewelry extra inches is easier than deciding on a dress for an event. You just need to grab some extender chains for the Necklace and bracelet. After this, you need to attach that to your jewelry and you are good to go.

Simple, just buy some of our beautifully designed extender chains for jewelry making and attach them to your necklace end in this way you can easily extend a necklace that is too short

There are a variety of extended chains available on our website. As per need you can use any length between 2 to 5 inches

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