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Benefits Of Creating Your Own Jewellery

Jewellery-Oh this beautiful piece of art, for every occasion, ranging from stud earrings and pendant sets

for formal settings, heavy necklaces for weddings simple chains for daily wear, or oxidized jhumkis/ temple jewellery for festivals. Choice of an apt jewelery piece as per the outfit and occasion enhances your elegance.

But these charms are often overpriced and you might have to look for one in hundreds of markets, especially in case of exclusive pieces, as they're not easily available. Can something be done for this?
The answer is YES! If you can't find/ afford one, just make one! You read it right.. I know MAKING your own jewellery sounds a bit confusing, miserly and time consuming; but it actually is a fun activity if done with focus.

Let's talk about the benefits of making our own jewellery:-
1. Budget Friendly: The raw materials for making jewellery are easily available at stores at a very cheap rate (as compared to the finished pieces). Therefore they are cost effective.

2. Customized Pieces: You can choose your own colour and design of beads. You can make new pieces whenever you want. Embellishments can also be added to make it more beautiful. Now you don't have to worry about not having matching jewellery for an outfit- Just create one with your imagination!

3. Small Scale Business: Create and sell. You can start your own business where you make and sell your own created jewellery. You can thus earn money with this and become self sufficient. Many NGO's conduct jewellery making workshops as skill training programs for women and rehabilitation center members.

4. Stress Management: Try jewellery making if you're stressed. It works as a therapy. Doing something keeps you active and busy all day. Jewellery making will engross you so you don't have time to be stressed, which in turn will have other health benefits- maintaining blood pressure and energy levels. This relaxes your mind.

5. Skill Development in Children: Jewellery making helps in skill development among children. Their fine motor skills are enhanced when they learn to grip the beads. This also increases their visual perception and memory power. They learn to identify and remember patterns and colors. They learn about the coordination of body organs in performing a task (in this case- eyes and hands). Children learn about problem solving and mathematical skills using beads. So, now without giving it a second thought, start your jewellery making journey today with the

DIY Jewellery Making kits available at Use your imagination and creativity to the fullest and create beautiful jewellery for yourself and your loved ones! ☺


- Pranjali Gupta

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