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How to use Bezel Frames while making Resin Jewellery?

Bezel frames are a popular choice among jewellery makers who use resin in their designs. These frames provide a secure and attractive way to showcase the resin and protect it from damage. At, you can find a wide selection of bezel frames in different sizes, shapes, and styles, making it easy to find the perfect frame to suit your resin jewellery design.

When using bezel frames, the first step is to prepare the frame by cleaning it thoroughly to ensure that no debris or dust interferes with the resin application. After this, you can add any desired embellishments to the inside of the frame, such as small beads, glitter, or dried flowers.

Next, you will need to mix your resin according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It’s important to take your time with this step, as the consistency of the resin will greatly impact the final result of your jewellery piece.

Once the resin is mixed, you can carefully pour it into the bezel frame. You may need to use a toothpick or similar tool to help you spread the resin evenly and to remove any air bubbles that may have formed. If you are using any embellishments, you will need to use a tool to gently press them into the resin and make sure that they are securely in place.

Once the resin is in the frame, you will need to let it cure. This is the time when the resin will start to harden and take on the desired shape. It is important to be patient during this time, as rushing the curing process can result in a poorly finished product.

After the resin has fully cured, you can remove the bezel frame from the resin. This is when you will be able to see the final result of your efforts. If there are any areas that need to be touched up, such as gaps between the resin and the frame, you can use a small amount of resin to fill in these areas.

When using bezel frames, it’s important to keep in mind the size and shape of the frame, as this will impact the overall appearance of your jewellery piece. Some popular shapes include circles, squares, and ovals, and you can choose from a range of sizes to suit your design needs.

Another factor to consider when using bezel frames is the finish of the frame. At, you will find bezel frames in a range of finishes, including antique silver, antique gold, and bright silver. You can choose the finish that best complements the other components of your jewellery piece, such as the resin and any additional beads or findings.

In conclusion, bezel frames are an excellent choice for resin jewellery making, providing a secure and attractive way to showcase your resin designs. With a range of sizes, shapes, and finishes available at, it’s easy to find the perfect bezel frame to suit your needs. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced jewellery maker, using bezel frames is a simple and effective way to create stunning resin jewellery pieces.

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