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Oval Believe Word Links Connectors - Silver
Tibetan Style Links connectors, Cadmium Free & Nickel Free & Lead-Free, Oval, with Word, Antique Silver Size: about 11mm long, 34mm wide, 2mm thick, hole: 2mm. These stylish and attractive alloy Link connectors stimulate your endless creative potential. With metallic...
Rs. 150.00
14x6mm, Tibetan Alloy Cord Ends - Golden
Tibetan Style Alloy Cord Ends, Lead Free and Cadmium Free, Column, Antique Golden Size: about 14mm long, 6.5mm wide, hole: 4mm; Inner diameter: 4~5mm. Glue-in style cord end caps fit-up to insert about 4~5mm cord or chain. ● Usage: Fit...
Rs. 110.00
16x9mm, Alloy Cord Ends - Golden
Alloy Cord Ends, End Caps, Terminators, Lead Free & Nickel Free & Cadmium Free, Antique Golden Size: about 16mm long, 9mm wide, 6.5mm inner diameter, hole: 3mm.
Rs. 150.00
11x8mm, Brass Cord Ends - Golden
Brass Cord Ends, Golden Size: about 8mm wide, 11mm long, hole: 1mm, 6mm inner diameter. Glue-in style cord end caps fit up to insert about 6mm cord or chain. Shiny brass cord ends to create a neat finish to mesh...
Rs. 125.00
10mm, Metal Cord Ends Bell - Golden
Iron Cord Ends, Bell, Golden Size: about 10mm wide, 10.5mm long, 9mm inner diameter, hole: 1.5mm. This is a simple cord end that has been very popular to use with bracelet and necklace designs. They are stylish, functional and easy...
Rs. 85.00
10x11mm, Tibetan Cord Ends - Silver
Tibetan Style Cord Ends, Lead-Free and Cadmium Free, Platinum Size: about 10mm long, 11.5mm wide, 5mm thick, inner diameter: 9x3mm, hole: 2mm. Glue-in style cord end caps fit up to insert about 9mm cord or chain. Shiny plated alloy cord...
Rs. 85.00
7x4mm, Metal Cord Ends - Silver
Cord Ends, Iron, Silver Color Plated. They are used for terminating necklaces or bracelets. Size: about 7mm long, 4mm wide, hole: 1.8mm; Inner Diameter: 3.5mm
Rs. 85.00
13x10mm, Brass Cord Ends - Silver
Brass Cord Ends, End Caps, Platinum Size: about 10mm wide, 13mm long, 8.5mm inner diameter, hole: 2mm. Glue-in style cord end caps fit up to insert about 8.5mm cord or chain. ● Usage: Fit for DIY cord jewelleries, tassels making,...
Rs. 125.00
0.5 Inch Tibetan Style Alloy Lamb Antique Silver Charms - Silver
Tibetan Style Alloy Pendants, Cadmium Free & Lead Free, Deer, Antique Silver Size: about 13.5mm long, 16mm wide, 2.5mm thick, Hole: 1.5mm.
Rs. 200.00
16 mm Round Evil Eye Connectors Blue - Blue
Available in a pack of 5 And 50 And 500 Pcs
Rs. 250.00 Rs. 150.00

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