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20 Pcs, 9.5x11.5mm Plastic Cord Ends, End Caps, Rose Gold - Rose Gold
UV Plating ABS Plastic Cord Ends, End Caps, Rose Gold Size: about 9.5mm long, 11.5mm in diameter, hole: 1.8mm; inner diameter: 9mm.
Rs. 45.00
14x6mm, Tibetan Alloy Cord Ends - Golden
Tibetan Style Alloy Cord Ends, Lead Free and Cadmium Free, Column, Antique Golden Size: about 14mm long, 6.5mm wide, hole: 4mm; Inner diameter: 4~5mm. Glue-in style cord end caps fit-up to insert about 4~5mm cord or chain. ● Usage: Fit...
Rs. 110.00
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16x9mm, Alloy Cord Ends - Golden
Alloy Cord Ends, End Caps, Terminators, Lead Free & Nickel Free & Cadmium Free, Antique Golden Size: about 16mm long, 9mm wide, 6.5mm inner diameter, hole: 3mm.
Rs. 150.00
11x8mm, Brass Cord Ends - Golden
Brass Cord Ends, Golden Size: about 8mm wide, 11mm long, hole: 1mm, 6mm inner diameter. Glue-in style cord end caps fit up to insert about 6mm cord or chain. Shiny brass cord ends to create a neat finish to mesh...
Rs. 125.00
10x11mm, Tibetan Cord Ends - Silver
Tibetan Style Cord Ends, Lead-Free and Cadmium Free, Platinum Size: about 10mm long, 11.5mm wide, 5mm thick, inner diameter: 9x3mm, hole: 2mm. Glue-in style cord end caps fit up to insert about 9mm cord or chain. Shiny plated alloy cord...
Rs. 85.00
7x4mm, Metal Cord Ends - Silver
Cord Ends, Iron, Silver Color Plated. They are used for terminating necklaces or bracelets. Size: about 7mm long, 4mm wide, hole: 1.8mm; Inner Diameter: 3.5mm
Rs. 85.00
13x10mm, Brass Cord Ends - Silver
Brass Cord Ends, End Caps, Platinum Size: about 10mm wide, 13mm long, 8.5mm inner diameter, hole: 2mm. Glue-in style cord end caps fit up to insert about 8.5mm cord or chain. ● Usage: Fit for DIY cord jewelleries, tassels making,...
Rs. 125.00
6X5mm Brass Wire Guardians Black - Black
Available in a pack of 50 and 500 Pcs
Rs. 155.00 Rs. 150.00
8x4mm Black Plated Miner Scratch Brass Cord Ends - Black
Available in a pack of 25 and 250 Pcs
Rs. 155.00 Rs. 75.00
100 Pcs, 15mm Spring Tips Cord Ends Golden - Golden
Available in a pack of 100 Pcs, 15x5 size. Size : 15mm Color : GoldenMaterial : MetalPack Of : 100 Pcs
Rs. 85.00
20 Pcs, 10x5.5mm Gold Plated Brass Cord Ends - Golden
Available in a pack of 20 Pcs Size : 10x5.5 mm Color : GoldenMaterial : BrassPack Of : 20 Pcs
Rs. 155.00

Frequently Asked Questions

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Cord ends are used to finish the ends of cords and prevent them from fraying. They can also be used to add weight to the end of a cord, which can be helpful when working with lighter-weight materials.

There are many different types of cord ends, but the most common are crimp beads, wire loops, and knotting. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it's important to choose the right one for your project.

Yes, cord ends can be used with a variety of materials, including leather, ribbon, and fabric. They're a great way to finish off a piece of jewellery and add a bit of extra protection to the end of the cord.

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