Join WhatsApp Group Click Here | Telegram Click Here is an online platform to not only just buy jewellery, but to understand it, and live it like you've owned that piece forever. This platform would be acting like a betwixt your goals and the market at reasonable prices. Can anything be better than that?

Our concept is to BUY, LEARN, SELL.

Yes! You not only get to buy some customized jewellery of your choice, but you also get to learn how to make one. Isn't that exciting?

BUY: The platform gives you the choice to create your own style goal and we will help you attain it, at an affordable price range. Now you can really avoid those waiting queues outside jewellery shops.  

LEARN: Hello Designers! Want to get a quick practical insight into the market? Voila! This is your place! Where you can not only get all the Jewellery making tips, tutorials, and videos but you can also get Skype and Google Hangout sessions from our freelancers. Also, you can ask for your demand, and you will have the material by your doorstep and you can then create your own jewellery!

SELL:  All those designs you just made can also be sold on the same platform, Nationally or Internationally. Showcase your own ideas and designs, and make your hobby or passion into earnings and be different from reselling jobs. Didn't that just lift your eyes and ears?

We have been in the business for over 2 Decades, providing manufacturing and Exporting services in more than 20 countries. We also keep contacts and knowledge of various stakeholders in our business, designers, karigars, wholesalers, wholesale markets and the End consumer buying the Fashion Jewellery.

Growth with benefits for all our stakeholders is our principle. Now getting the latest, trendy and fashionable products at reasonable prices is just one click away. Apart from this, we are also attempting to open up more opportunities and support the noble cause of promoting hobbyists and homepreneurs to do business with us!

We are a dedicated platform for Fashion Jewellery, covering the journey from Raw materials to Finished Jewellery.

Our goal is to be the Etsy of India.  We are into Fashion Business with our base in Jewellery Materials. Hope you would like to be part of this journey, of every necklace and earring, which is just not what you perceive.

Give us a hand on this journey, today. And let us help you convert your hobby into a business.

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