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2 Pcs, 2 and 3 Inch Shovel Set - Silver
Available in a pack of 1 set ( 2 Pcs. )
Rs. 65.00
5 Pcs, 3 Inches Aluminum Triangle Tray Beading Tool, Scoop for Holding or Picking up Beads - Silver
The product on display is Aluminum Tray Triangle. This is Great for Sorting, Organizing, Aligning Beads, Craft Projects & Craft Enthusiasts, Pack Of 5 Pcs. Size: approx 70mm and Thickness approx 9mm.
Rs. 80.00
1 Pc Beads Sorting Tray Beading Jewellery Tool for Sorting Diamonds, Pearls or Other Gemstones, Size: 6x3 Inch - White
The product on display is a beading sorting tray. This white sorting tray is ideal for sorting diamonds, pearls, or other gemstones. It has individual cups for quickly counting and sorting different sizes of small beads, and long rectangular slots...
Rs. 175.00

This beautiful jewelry-making tray helps in making your colour-choosing process easy. In these trays, you can easily put all the colors of beads that you required to come up with necklaces, or bracelets. The process of putting all the beads in the string will help you so that you don’t mess up and put all the right colors in the order. All of this makes the work so easy if you put these beads on the floor there is a high chance that you can misplace the color or some can roll down to some other place.  

These trays are very affordable and you can easily order them online and receive them at your doorstep. There are different shapes and sizes of bead trays available on the website that will help you change the experience of creating beautiful jewelry. On the website, you will even find a board with different spaces for beats and a space where you can assemble all the beads according to the colour and bead size. This tray is mainly used when you need to add a lot of decorative things in between the beads and you can make space for them.

In some situations you have an idea in your mind which is out of the box then you start putting all the beads in the string and then, in the end, you didn’t like it. This will end up spending a lot of time on a thing that you even didn’t like. The bread trays for jewelry making help in assembling all the beads first before putting them together in the string. In this way, you can even make some changes in case you didn’t like your idea and then put them on the string.

Beading mats help a lot when you like creating unique jewelry without wasting any time. This helps in making the whole process hassle-free and saves a lot of time. You can easily give this useful bead mat tray to yourself or to a person who loves bread.

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Beaded Trey helps in solving the entire problem that you may face while arranging and putting them on the string. You can easily arrange all the beats according to the size and color at the end and put them in the string. It helps in making the process more hassle-free and fast.

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