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Beads Golden Plated Multi String Chain Necklace
The golden plated multi String chain necklace is a wonderful gift idea for any occasion. Made of sturdy metal and finished with a shiny gold finish, the chain will last for years. The chain is designed to fit any size...
Rs. 730.00 Rs. 330.00
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Butterfly necklace Heart Golden Plated Chain
This delicate and delicate necklace is perfect for any occasion, featuring a delicate butterfly pendant that looks beautiful on the golden chain. The pendant is delicately crafted and features a lovely butterfly design. The delicate chain is also golden in...
Rs. 710.00 Rs. 310.00
American Diamond Heart Rose Gold Pendant Necklace
The perfect necklace for any occasion, this rose gold American Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace features a stunning diamond heart pendant in the center which is making it a perfect fit for your date. With a rose gold tone, this necklace...
Rs. 791.00 Rs. 391.00
Crystal Floral Silver Plated Pendant Necklace
This beautiful silver plated pendant necklace is adorned with a delicate crystal, which hangs down and dangles beautifully. It is a delicate and stylish accessory that can be worn with a wide range of outfits.
Rs. 749.00 Rs. 349.00
Gold Plated Butterfly Hanging Layered Necklace
In the modern day, there is a variety of gold plated pieces. One of the most popular gold plated pieces is the butterfly necklace. This necklace is layered with thin gold chains and also features a round pendant with a...
Rs. 710.00 Rs. 310.00
Eyes Golden Plated Chain Necklace
This is a delicate necklace that has a variety of charms that dangle from the necklace. The necklace is a sleek golden color and has an infinity loop so that it can be worn in many different ways. This piece...
Rs. 730.00 Rs. 330.00
Crystal Golden Plated Multi Layers Chain Necklace
The name says it all: Crystal Golden Plated Multi Layers Chain Necklace. This beautiful necklace is made up of multiple layers of small crystal Strings, giving it a gorgeous shimmer. This gorgeous piece is the perfect gift for any occasion,...
Rs. 720.00 Rs. 320.00
Global Ring Design Golden Plated Necklace
Global Ring Design, the premium designer brand in the jewelry industry, offers unique and stylish designs that are of the highest quality. With a range of sizes, styles, and prices, Global Ring Design has something for everyone.
Rs. 710.00 Rs. 310.00
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Bold Chain Golden Plated Necklace
This is a beautiful golden plated chain with a hammered design. It is a very sturdy chain, perfect for any outfit. This delicate piece of jewelry is a beautiful accessory that would make a great gift.  
Rs. 695.00 Rs. 295.00
AD Butterfly Multi Chain Golden Plated Necklace
The AD Butterfly Multi Chain Golden Plated Necklace is a bold piece that you will be proud to wear. The chain is adjustable, so you can make it fit your body type. The necklace is made of high quality material,...
Rs. 725.00 Rs. 325.00

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