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2 Pairs Single Layer Pacchi Earring Tops Blue, 14X14mm - Blue
Pack Of 2 Pairs Single Layer Pacchi Earring Tops Blue, Size: 14X14mm
Rs. 75.00

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Pacchi style beads are an Indian beading technique that dates back centuries. The word pacchi means “to stitch” in Hindi, and this technique is characterized by its use of small, colorful beads stitched together to create beautiful patterns. This type of beadwork was traditionally used to decorate clothing and other textile items, but today, it is also used to create jewelry and other accessories.

Pacchi beads are different from kundan beads in a few ways. For one, pacchi beads are made with glass, while kundan beads are made of metal. This gives pacchi beads a more delicate look. Another difference is that kundan beads are usually gold or silver in color, while pacchi beads can be any color. Finally, kundan beads are typically larger than pacchi beads.