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Differences between pearls and beads If you think that pearls and beads are the same, it is a wrong assumption. Both of them have many differences such as: Beads are made of various materials while pearls come from the shells of mollusks. Beads are not very expensive whereas pure pearls are very expensive. Beads come in various colors whereas pearls generally come in white.

Types of pearl beads used for jewelry making

There are various types of pearl beads for jewelry making such as:

1. Freshwater pearl beads

These beads are very popular and taken from freshwater ponds and lakes. They are used by many jewelry designers and shoppers.

2. Baroque Pearl Beads

Baroque pearl beads have a baroque shape and can be either saltwater pearls or freshwater pearls.

3. Shell Pearl Beads

These beads are developed from oyster shells and processed to make jewelry.

4. Acrylic Pearl Beads

The next on the list is Acrylic Pearl Beads. These beads are spherical and made with the suspension polymerization method. These beads contain good optical properties.

5. Crystal pearl beads

These beads are made from crystals and give a ravishing look to any jewelry. These pearl beads look similar to glass pearl beads.

6. Rice Pearl Beads

Rice pearl beads have a shape like that of rice. They come from freshwater lakes. You can get these beads on pearl beads wholesale in India at affordable prices. Check the latest pearl beads price online from different shopping sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Pearl beads for crafts are made of natural stone, glass, and acrylic materials

Baroque pearls have irregular and non-spherical shapes.

Freshwater pearls are very small pearls made from freshwater mollusks.

Yes, pearls might lose their shine after some years if you do not take care of them.

Pearls occur naturally whereas beads are made from various materials.

You will need a loop and put pearl beads properly to make a necklace. You can make a necklace using original pearl beads to make a necklace.

You will need a 24-gauge wire to make a beaded necklace. It is durable and works for a long time.

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