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Frequently Asked Questions

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Seed beads as name indicates are small tiny glass beads, tough lately some Chinese companies make those seed beads in acrylic and wood also, These beads are in 100s of colors, shines and are an integral part of nay jewellery piece

Jablonex , Toho, Miyuki are the best quality seed beads , they are known for there perfection of size, color and roundness, the consistency of their unique properties make them stand apart from there nearest competitors

Normally the size bigger then 8/0 in seed beads are considered to be Pony Beads, whereas all beads from 4/0 till 15/0 [ the smallest size seed beads] are generally known as seed beads

Papanaidu is the oldest place in India where the mass production of seed beads was done, this was an ancient technique all process was done by hand from making glass tube to cutting beads and then stringing them in bunches, all well before machines were used to make tube and cutting of beads, still on a very small scale seed beads are made by hand in Papanaidu