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Boho Tassel Jewellery

Say the word bohemian and people immediately think of Gypsies. Yes, the trendsetters of the 60s and 70’s borrowed the lifestyle from the Romani gypsies of Bohemia but the term bohemian or boho is not just restricted to gypsies. A boho chic woman or man loves to travel, is free-spirited, open-minded, and has an eclectic taste. He or she could follow a gypsy, beat, Zen, or Beat bohemian lifestyle.

Though it is a cliché, the term bohemian fashion conjures up an image of a free-spirited woman in a long layered skirt wearing ethnic silver or beaded jewelry, and with a multitude of silk tassels and fringes. As a bohemian soul, I love colorful and playful statement-making accessories and right now I heart Long earrings with swaying tassels. I have combined bright Colored cords along with Brushed German silver beads to create exotic earrings to jazz up my outfits this season.


Materials required

  1. Colored Cords
  2. German silver beads
  3. Wooden beads
  4. 26g silver tone wire
  5. Ear hooks
  6. For the necklace - you'll need 20g wire, chain, jump rings, and a matching clasp

Tools: scissorsnose pliers, wire cutter


  1. Cut 8” of the Colored cords (red, blue, yellow, orange, and magenta) and then cut them into 2 pieces each. Separate them into 2 piles ( one piece of each color in a pile)
  2. Cut 3 inches of 30g silver tone wire. Bend the wire at the ⅓rd mark to make a “U” in the wire.

    1. Take 1 pile of the cords and fold it into two. Insert the “U” loop in the center and wrap the shorter end around the longer wire to create a loop. Cut excess wire and tuck in to avoid it poking or scratching the wearer.
    2. To the longer wire add a wooden bead followed by the Brushed German silver bead

    1. Bend the remaining wire at 90 degrees and using round nose pliers create a loop. Do not cut the excess wire but Wrap around 3- 4 times to create a wrapped loop.
    2. Cut about 2” of 26g wire and wrap the cords about 0.25” from the top to create a tassel. Cut the excess wire and tuck in. Alternatively, you can turn the ends into tiny loops and tuck them.

    1. Trim the cords so they are all at the same level.
    2. Add an earring hook to the top loop (above the silver bead) to complete one earring.
    3. Repeat steps 2 to 7 to create the pair of the first earring

      These gorgeous bohemian earrings are best worn casually with a white or a black shirt or a T shirt paired with jeans. They can also be worn with plain flow maxi skirts or dresses in neutral colors.

      As the earrings are statement-making by themselves, they do not need other accompanying accessories. But if you are particular you can easily make a coordinate necklace.

      Boho Tassel Necklace

      To make the necklace

      1. Cut 10” of the Color cords in each of the colors that you require. Cut them once again in the center.
      2. Fold both pieces of the cord (of the same color) and use 26g wire wrap at 0.25” from the top to make a tassel. Repeat the process to make 5 thin tassels.

        I have used a 10” cord for 4 colors – blue, yellow, orange, and magenta and 5” for red as I wanted a thinner focal. You can add any length of cord or any number of strands as per your requirement.

        1. Cut a 4-inch length of 20g wire and string in a wooden bead followed by the tassels concluding with another wooden bead.
        2. Using your round nose pliers, create a wrapped loop at either end of the wire. Cut away any excess and tuck in the ends to avoid poking.

        1. Cut chain to the required length (I have used 22” to create a long chain)
        2. Connect the chain to the component using a clasp and jump rings

        I have chosen all bright colors – red, blue, yellow, orange, and magenta but you can choose to go all neutral, deep, dark, or even fluorescent with yours. I have retained the clasp at the front but you can do the clasp at the center back. You could even eliminate the clasp completely by increasing the length of the chain by another 4 to 6 inches depending on how long you want it to be.

        Do follow the tutorial to make your own variations of the necklace and the earrings and if you do, post an image on social media and give us a shout-out.

        I hope you find it interesting.

        Divya N

        Author Bio: Divya N

        Divya N is Fashion (apparel) and jewellery designer who has been teaching design since 2009. She has been interviewed by leading dailies, regional and national magazines, and websites, and has been featured on TV shows like ‘Oh my gold’ on TLC and Interweave jewellery magazines. She creates for and runs the jewellery brand Sayuri and blogs at Jewelofsayuri.
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