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Oh no! These jhumkas are too old fashioned now. They would not go with any of my dresses. And this necklace I received as a gift is also broken. Why do I have this much of out- of- trend jewellery? I’ll have to discard them all. How I wish I could still keep them!
Do you also think the same? Do you also have such old, broken jewellery that you want to restyle or reuse instead of throwing it away? Then don’t worry. We’re here for you.
Today I’ll share with you some tips and tricks as to how to repurpose old and broken jewellery pieces.
Let’s start.

1. BROKEN RING AS NOSE RING: A broken ring can be turned into a nose ring. This is the simplest DIY trick of all. It won’t even take you long. Just take your broken ring. ( It should be only this much broken) and seal its one end using a hot glue gun so that it does not prick the inside of your nose. That’s it. You just made yourself a new ( but old) nose ring. Iykyk!


2. HOOPED EARRINGS FROM BANGLES: Don’t have the trendy hooped earrings. Then make them! Here’s another DIY for you. Take an old bangle and some silk thread. Put glue on the bangle and wrap the thread around it and secure it. Now take a small piece of jewellery wire and twist it around the bangle using a plier to make a loop. Then attach an earring loop to that wired loop. Your hooped earrings are ready. Use fabric glue to stick tassels, glitter and small beads to make it more attractive. They can be worn as statement earrings

3. BANDANWAR AND BEADED CURTAINS: Instead of purchasing from the market, you can make decorative bandanwars and beaded curtains for your home on your own. 

For Bandanwars -
To make a bandanwar you just need a broader lace of any colour, fabric glue, pom poms, tassels, mirror pieces ‘latkans’ and wired loops. Take the lace and stick mirror pieces, tassels, pom- poms and latkans to its one side, from one end to the other using fabric glue. Don’t forget to follow a pattern while sticking them. Once its done, take the wired loops and wrap some of the lace fabric towards inside of the loop and attach the loops to both ends of the lace. Your Bandanwar is complete.

For Beaded Curtains-
To make beaded curtains, you will need plastic jewellery thread, some large and some small beads, and wired loops. Take the plastic thread as per required length and knot its one end. From the other end, insert one large bead, then the small ones to make a pattern. Once the string is complete tie its other end and then attach the wired loop. Repeat process to make more strings. Arrange them accordingly and leave them dangling on the window. Prefer different shades of a colour for the beads. Believe it or not, but these enhance your home decor.

4. PENDANTS FROM EARRINGS: One last easy trick that is not at all time- consuming You can turn your old earrings into pretty pendants. You just need your earrings, plier and a loop. Using the plier remove the original earring loop from the earring. Now attach the loop to the earring. Your pendant is ready.

If your earrings look like this:

Then also they can be converted into pendants. Take the earring and use a plier to twist the earring's wire inwards in a circular motion. Your pendant is ready.


5.VINTAGE BELT: If you have a plain old belt, your can decorate it using tassels, mirror pieces, pendants. You can also attach a brooch at its buckle- end. Your vintage style belt is ready. It can be styled with a saree or plain gown.

6.BOOKMARK: Let’s make a different kind of bookmark. This one does not use hard paper or sketch pens, it is made from brooches, or earrings. Simply attach the jewelled piece to a ribbon, and you’ll have a bookmark.

This is it! These were some tips on how broken and old jewellery can be reused or restyled. If you follow them, your fashion sense and décor style will truly stand out from everyone else and you can flex your creative skills.


By Pranjali Gupta

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